XE Currency Data API - FAQ

How many times can I access the Currency Data API?


The number of accesses you get is based on the service package you select at sign up.

Lite: provides you with 10,000 API rate requests a month.
Best Value: provides you with 30,000 API rate requests a month.
Prime: provides you with 100,000 API rate requests a month.
Infinite: provides you with Unlimited API rate requests a month.

Each rate returned is considered one API request towards your monthly package limit. You can request multiple rates in a single query.

For example, if you convert from $1,500 USD to CAD and GBP, it will count as two rate requests towards your monthly package limit as it contains two counter currencies (CAD and GBP).

When you have used all of your monthly accesses, your will not be able to make another API request until your next monthly period begins. Please contact us for more info.

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